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Sunday, April 21, 2013 Last Update: 10:58 AM ET

Inquiry on Bombing Shifts to Suspect’s Russian Trip

With one suspect dead and the other lying wounded in a hospital, the investigation into the Boston bombings turned to their motives and a trip one of them took to Chechnya and Dagestan.

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Legal Questions Riddle Boston Case

The issues include a debate over where the suspect might be tried and whether the bombings were a crime or an act of war.

A New Argument for Immigration Foes

Some opponents of an immigration overhaul are pointing to the Boston attack as cause for concern.

Photographs Scenes From a Week of Terror

Boston’s tumultuous week began with the excitement of a race and ended with the tension of a manhunt.

Mr. Schilling at the home of the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation last May.
Steven Senne/Associated Press

Thrown for a Curve in Rhode Island

The baseball star Curt Schilling, shown in May 2012, dazzled a state government with his video-game business plan. But two years later, it was game over.

Rewinding History, Bush Museum Lets You Decide

Visitors to an interactive theater at the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum will be presented with the stark choices that confronted the 43rd president.

Conservative Koch Brothers Pivot to Newspapers

The billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch are exploring a bid for the Tribune Company’s newspapers.

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Danes Rethink a Welfare State Ample to a Fault

With little fuss or political protest — or notice abroad — Denmark has been at work overhauling entitlements, trying to prod Danes into working more or longer or both.

Hagel, in Israel, Presses U.S. Agenda on Iran

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel argued for patience in dealing with Iran but stressed Israel’s right to self-defense.

The West Side, Poised (Again) for a Transformation

Hudson Yards, the Manhattan development, appears poised to make good on its promised self-reinvention.

Two Cheers for Web U!

Take away the dorms, keggers and tuition. Is it still college?

Immigration and Fear

Want a safer country and stronger rule of law? Pass comprehensive immigration reform.

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Digital Domain
An Instant Path to an Online Army

Researchers have been developing systems that summon online workers on demand for specific tasks.

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Brooklyn Gets a Rematch

Fighters are training in local gyms as the Barclays Center hopes to revive boxing in Brooklyn.

Sunday Routine
Still Dreaming of Paris

How Richard Foreman, an avant-garde playwright and director, spends his Sundays.

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Happiness Inc.

How the author Sonja Lyubomirsky — a psychology professor who hates smiley faces, kittens and rainbows — has become the latest apostle of mirth.

A Sporty Declaration of Independence

The 2014 Mazda 6 reasserts the style and handling that once set it apart from the Camrys and Accords of the midsize market.

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Nancy Aossey, the chief of the International Medical Corps, says she tries to have job candidates look at themselves through others’ eyes.

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