AwesomeHighlighter : Highlight and Share Webpages

The Awesome Highlighter makes it really easy to highlight certain parts of the webpage and save it for later reference or share it with others. Simply select the text using the mouse cursor, press save and get back the new URL with selected highlights. Post it in an email, forum or blog.

Awesome Highlighter -


  • Highlight webpages and bookmark page highlights for future refrence.
  • Bookmarklet / Firefox Extension – Highlight webpages without going to
  • Send highlighted webpages to your Twitter account.
  • Highlight colors: yellow, blue, green and red.
  • See sample highlighted page here (for the above screenshot) .
  • Browse through recent highlights by other users

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  • tony March 12, 2008

    Where do I find the FireFox addon of awesome highlighter?

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    • Aibek March 12, 2008

      The extension is there, it’s just hidden. :-) I have no idea why would anyone make it so hard to find it. Anyways, here is the direct link to the addon.

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      • Luke March 20, 2008

        @Aibek nice job on finding the secret extension. :) It wasn’t quite ready which is why we didn’t promote it. However, the new and improved extension is up (, so check it out if your having problems.

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        • Aibek March 28, 2008

          Thanks for letting us know ;-)

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  • Luke March 12, 2008

    Thanks for the interest! It will be available in the next couple of days. We will also release a bookmarklet around the same time. You can reach me with good ‘ol email(about page of the site) or at if you have any more questions, or suggestions, or if you just want a new follower.

    Luke – awesomehighlighter

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