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Loading . In other words, globalization has not given way to deglobalization; it has simply entered a different phase. . nd economic leadership is shifting east and south . In its previous incarnation, it was trade-based and Western-led. Today, globalization is being driven by digital technology and is increasingly led by China and other emerging economie . globalization is in fact continuing its forward march—but along new paths . In many countries that have traditionally championed globalization, including the United States and the United Kingdom . Cross-border financial flows have fallen by two-thirds. . United Kingdo

The Promise of Digital Globalization

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The future operator IT platform must be based on a high level of configurability that is controlled on a platform level, rather than an application level. To support internal as well as external actors, only one central point of platform configuration c


To capture consumption needs in real time, it must be positioned close the user rather than centered on network services or pre-defined products. Currently, processes are mainly designed around network services and asset utilization. Going forward, this . The IT environment must be user-centric and designed with the main purpose of maximizing the benefit and utility for the individual users. . The transition of the telecom industry from a vertical end-to-end model to a co-creation model that works in new horizontal ecosystems is essential. . The entire organization must become fully aware of the current state of services and users, and be empowered to immediately mitigate any issues requiring human intervention. To remain relevant, the business needs to continuously learn and evolve with u . Software will automate operations, and human efforts will shift towards managing change and development in a fast-paced business environment. . In a platform-centric world, the user experience is a result of co-creation at many levels, completely redefining competition as it once was known. To emerge as winners, operators must be prepared to play by the new rules of the digital economy. . Connectivity must be a resource that is available where new business  ecosystems grow and must become easy to consume and integrate into other businesses and experiences. . it becomes necessary to adopt platform models where the connectivity offering can be defined and packaged at the time of consumption. Industry cloud environments such as digital agriculture, digital health care and Industry 4.0 are examples of future v . This transformation is clearly challenging for an industry that is deeply grounded in a vertically integrated business model with end-to-end service control and one-to-one customer relationships . Connectivity is already a critical asset in this development and it will only become more important as IoT usage accelerates, industries get smarter and more digital business models emerge. It is critical for operators to understand how to participate e . Most industries are moving towards new value systems and market configurations that are based on platform business models and co-creation. . 3. Adapt production to a platform-centric industry structure . Customer value is now packaged into a unique offering at the time of consumption, enabled by the computing power of the cloud. The cloud enables IT suppliers to orchestrate and customize complex solutions tailored to the individual user by fundamentally . Technologies such as software-defined networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) are by definition changing the future role of networks. They are also fundamentally changing the core telecom value proposition. It will be critical to cap . To move from network-defined to user-defined services, the focus must shift from the creation of connectivity to the actual experience that connectivity enables. . First, the consumption experience must be defined near the user, rather than from deep within the network itself. Second, service production must shift from a process driven by people and supported by software, to an automated process developed by peo . . uch an overhaul will open up a new era for the telecom industry in which both the scale and scope of business are expanded substantially. It will require the support of a massively flexible and scalable infrastructure that operates at a fraction of toda . resulting "spaghetti IT" infrastructure – which has been stacked and integrated repeatedly over a number of decades – remains a serious obstacle to the future evolution of the telecom business. A long-overdue overhaul of this network-centric produc . However, the significant legacy burdens of the current IT infrastructure have increased in complexity due to a supply-push business model, which has led to industry inertia. T

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quent tale of Medea.66 Like Medea, Procne is caught in a genuinely tragic dilemma, with rage over the misdeeds of her (foreign) husband warring with maternal sentiments. Likewise, her resolve to butcher her son Itys is temporarily weakened by his childlik


r . recalls Tereus’ treatment of Philomela . escalation . symmetry . die von den Beteiligten nicht mehr stillzustellen sind, die von Dritten beendet werden müssen. . escalates . ‘double payback’ . ‘an eye for an eye . without even averting her eyes . dilemma

Barbarian variations : Tereus, Procne and Philomela in Ovid (Met. 6.412-674) and Beyond

El feminicidio es uno de los crímenes más comunes en la sociedad actual. El 21 por ciento de las muertes de mujeres en el mundo se deben a la violencia de género . El 21 por ciento de las muertes de mujeres en el mundo se deben a la vi .

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alguna . species de las que se dispone de datos, el promedio d . de supervivencia anual (el cociente entre el número de individuos vivos al terminar el año y el número de individuos vivos al comenzar el año)[c]​ varía según la especie y región: mientras que es el 61.6 % para los machos del trepador corso (S. . ores. El objetivo era analizar la disposición de los machos trepadores a alimentar a las hembras en el período de incubación, en función de la presencia en las inmediaciones de un gavilán americano (depredador de individuos, pero no de huevos) o un c . ara los machos del trepador corso . ara algunas especies de las que . El frío puede ser un problema para las pequeñas aves sedentarias. Varias especies de trepadores forman grupos donde los individuos se apiñan unos con otros para descansar. . Un estudio estadounidense ha relacionado la estrategia reproductiva de la especie con su comportamiento frente a los depredadores. El objetivo era analizar la disposición de los machos trepadores a alimentar a las hembras en el período de incubación, e . Comparten depredadores con el resto de aves de los bosques . La tasa de supervivencia anual (el cociente entre el número de individuos vivos al terminar el año y el número de individuos vivos al comenzar el año)[c]​ varía según la especie y región . , el promedio de vida de un trepador varía de dos a tres años y medio, aunque se han reportado especímenes mayores de diez años. . Demografía y predadores . Para algunas especies . esafiante o en preparación para el combat

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