Booz Allen Hamilton, the most profitable government contractor in the world, has been connected to a number of high-profile data leaks in recent years, including the whistleblowing and leaking of data by Edward Snowden and the alleged theft of a massiv . UpGuard is not naming the specific agency it spoke with in compliance with the request . downloading . e the data it discovered during its investigation. UpGuard is not naming the specific agency it spoke with in compliance with the request. . A large part of Booz Allen Hamilton’s business is contracting with intelligence agencies. . Amazon Web Services server,

Booz Allen Hamilton leaves 60,000 unsecured DOD files on AWS server

The consumer version of Tor would be marketed to everyone and — equally important — would eventually allow anyone to run a Tor node/relay, even from their desktop computer. . providing cover for military and intelligence operations online was their primary objective; everything else was secondaryBooz Allen Hamilton, is well connected. One top executive there, Mike McConnell, is a former Director of National Intelligence. A former top executive there, James Clapper, is the current Director of National Intelligence . What stunned officials about Snowden was that a low-level contractor could gain access to a number of disparate intelligence programs, each of them walled off behind levels of classification above his top-secret clearance . He was assigned to an NSA installation in Hawaii, although his employer was the technology consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton

How did low-level contractor gain access to NSA programs? - CBS News

One thing is clear: the NSA most certainly does not hate or fear Tor. And some aspects about Tor are definitely welcomed by the NSA, in part because it helps concentrate potential "targets" in one convenient location . he thinks many of the major Tor nodes are being run by intelligence agencies or other parties interested in listening in on Tor communication. . the Tor Project more resembles a spook project than a tool designed by a culture that values accountability or transparency . it’s hard to imagine a guy with top secret security clearance in the midst of planning to steal a huge cache of secrets would risk running a Tor node to help out the privacy cause. . H'mmm....So Snowden running powerful Tor nodes and trying to get his NSA colleagues to run them, too . Turned out that Sandvik was already planning to go to Hawaii for vacation, so she suggested they meet up to talk about communication security and encryption . rtment sources at Tor . This only became publicly known last May, when Tor developer Runa Sandvik (who also drew her salary from Pentagon/State Depa . This only became publicly known last May, when Tor developer Runa Sandvik (who also drew her salary from Pentagon/State Department sources at Tor) told Wired's Kevin Poulsen that just two weeks before he would try to g . Edward Snowden ran multiple high-bandwidth Tor nodes while working as an NSA contractor in Hawaii. . Particularly troubling was that Snowden's leaks clearly showed the NSA and GCHQ run Tor nodes, and are interested in running more . an NSA front out of Hawaii . But the fact is that the NSA and GCHQ clearly have the capability to compromise Tor, but it might take a bit of targeted effort . “I don’t like speculating about it, but I’m telling people that it is possible. And if you actually look in to where these Tor nodes are hosted and how big they are, som . Who would pay for this and be anonymous? For example, five of six of them are in Washington D.C.…” . it is still a mystery how they were able to totally take over and control, and even copy, a server run in the Tor cloud — something that is supposed to be impossible . Over the past few years, U.S. law enforcement has taken control and shutdown a series of illegal child porn and drug marketplaces operating on what should have been untraceable, hyper-anonymous servers running in the Tor cloud . What kind of agencies does he meet with? The FBI, CIA and DOJ are just a few . “As he spoke to the NSA, Dingledine said in an interview Friday, he suspected the agency was attempting to break into Tor, which is used by millions of people around the world to shield their identities.” . Dingledine told the paper that he came away from that meeting with the feeling that the NSA was trying to hack the Tor network: . Tor at the NSA? . That year, a new government funder came the scene: Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), Sweden’s version of USAID, gave Tor $279,000. . In 2010, the State Department upped its grant to $913,000 . Jacob Appelbaum, the rock star hacker, Wikileaks volunteer and Tor developer, made $96,000. . The Swedish government gave $38,000, while Google gave a minuscule $29,000. . In 2008, Tor got $527,000 again from IBB and Internews, which meant that 90% of its funding came U.S. government sources that year. . A quarter million came from the International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB), a CIA spinoff that now operates under the Broadcasting Board of Governors. IBB runs Voice of America and Radio Marti, a propaganda outfit aimed at subverting Cuba’s communist regi . They need these technologies so they can research people they are interested in, so they can have anonymous tip lines, so that they can buy things from people without other countries knowing what they are buying, how much they are buying and where it is g . In fact, in 2004, at the Wizards of OS conference in Germany, Dingledine proudly announced that he was building spy craft tech on the government payrollbuy . go) . want) . win)

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At the very end of 2004, with Tor technology finally ready for deployment, the US Navy cut most of its Tor funding, released it under an open source license and, oddly, the project was handed over to the . Electronic Frontier Foundation. . In order to cloak spooks better, Tor needed to be used by a diverse group of people: Activists, students, corporate researchers, soccer moms, journalists, drug dealers, hackers, child pornographers, foreign agents, terrorists — the more diverse the grou . Tor also needed to be moved off site and disassociated from Naval research. . spooks needed to figure out a way to hide their identity in plain sight online. An undercover spook sitting in a hotel room in a hostile country somewhere couldn’t simply dial up CIA.gov on his browser and log in — anyone sniffing his connection would . The goal was to allow intelligence and military personnel to work online undercover without fear of being unmasked by someone monitoring their Internet activity. . The technology was funded by the Office of Naval Research and DARPA. . Unfortunately, this is not a tinfoil hat conspiracy theory. It is cold hard fact. . How is it possible that a privacy tool was created by the same military and intelligence agencies that it’s supposed to guard us against? . Peek under Tor’s hood, and you quickly realize that just everybody involved in developing Tor technology has been and/or still is funded by the Pentagon or related arm of the US empire . This information is out there, but it's not very well known, and it's certainly not emphasized by those who promote it. . Let’s start with the basics: Tor was developed, built and financed by the US military-surveillance complex. . In early July, hacker Jacob Appelbaum and two other security experts published a blockbuster story in conjunction with the German press. They had obtained leaked top secret NSA documents and source code showing that the surveillance agency had targeted a . But the German exposé  showed Tor providing the opposite of anonymity: it singled out users for total NSA surveillance, potentially sucking up and recording everything they did online. . Tor’s been an integral part of EFF’s “Surveillance Self-Defense” privacy toolkit. Edward Snowden is apparently a big fan, and so is Glenn Greenwald, who says it “allows people to surf without governments or secret services being able to monitor

Pando: Almost Everyone Involved in Developing Tor was (or is) Funded by the US Government

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