The Economy: Unit 2 Technology, population, and growth

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Should Daniel Shays Be Pardoned? . About one year after the rebellion had been crushed, Daniel Shays and his lieutenant, Eli Parsons, exiled and still hiding out in Vermont, petitioned Gov. Hancock and the legislature for a pardon and permission to return to Massachusetts. . The following month, the Constitutional Convention began its deliberations in Philadelphia. For men like George Washington and Alexander Hamilton, Shays’ Rebellion had been a warning. Next time the forces of law and order might not be so lucky. . In April 1787, state elections were held and the legislature became more moderate. Also, the voters put a new governor into the statehouse: John Hancock. The new government cancelled the death sentences, although two of Shays’ men were hanged for steali . About a dozen men were actually sentenced to hang. The others got pardons. A bounty was put on the heads of Daniel Shays and three other rebel leaders. Luckily for them, they escaped to Vermont. . Gov. Bowdoin and the Massachusetts legislature wanted Shays’ men marched to Boston for trial and severe punishment. Sam Adams, that old revolutionary who had taught Massachusetts farmers how to close down courts and hold tea parties, was now a member of . When a blizzard struck, the remnants of Shays’ force believed Gen. Lincoln would not follow, but he did. When he caught up with them, he took 150 prisoners. The rest scattered to their homes or crossed the border into Vermont with Daniel Shays. . Murder! Murder!" cried several of our men. Through the smoke we could see one...two...three of our friends cut down and another dying in the snow. Disbelief. All was confusion as we ran for our lives. For me the Rebellion was over. I just heard about the . We could not believe that Massachusetts men would harm other Massachusetts men. Then the unthinkable happened. The cannon let loose a third time and blasted directly into our center ranks. . When we got near the arsenal, . Shortly thereafter, we heard that Gov. Bowdoin and the legislature were organizing 4,000 militiamen to subdue us . 4,000 militiamen . Daniel and his lieutenants, Luke Day and Eli Parsons, came up with a plan to seize the Springfield Arsenal . We knew that if we were going to save our necks from the gallows, we had to defeat the government. . he had been an officer in the Revolution . I recognized him from the Battle of Bunker Hill . One thing continued to trouble me. We still did not have a real leader. Then Daniel Shays came to town . If you think court costs are too high," Sheriff Greenleaf said, "I’ll hang every one of you gentlemen with the greatest of pleasure without charge." We all laughed as the sheriff spoke because someone came up to him from behind and stuck a sprig of heml . On November 21, we marched once more to the courthouse in Worcester when Judge Ward again tried to start the court session. In our hats we wore sprigs of hemlock--the sign of our cause throughout the stat . Back in Hubbardston, we still waited for a reply from the legislature to our county convention petition. At last, in October, we heard from the state legislature. It finally passed a law that allowed our farm goods as payment for taxes, but the representa . Judge Ward adjourned the court session to November 21. We all went home. . May the sun never shine on rebellion in Massachusetts! . We’ve come to relieve the distresses of the people. There will be no court until they have redress of their grievances. . About 200 of us from several towns paraded into Worcester on September 5, court day. Armed with muskets and clubs, we took up a position outside the courthouse. We were determined to allow no judge to pass. . If we could prevent the court from opening, none of us could go to jail for being in debt. Some citizens at the meeting cautioned that this would be an act of rebellion, even treason. In the end, most of us decided to march. . As the day for the opening of the court in Worcester approached, we still had not heard anything from the legislature. So we had a town meeting in Hubbardston to decide what to do. . We read a letter sent around the county calling for us to follow the example of the farmers of Hampshire County and march to the court . We finally settled on a list of grievances: . There was one hope. We organized a county convention to prepare a petition asking the legislature for help. Some wanted to take stronger action. As one farmer proclaimed, "I have lost a great deal...and I think it is time for us to rise, and put a stop to . A few farmers had been thrown in jail for failure to pay their debts. We were afraid that when the Court of Common Pleas in Worcester opened again, more would follow. . increased the property tax . Our overdue wages never came
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