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s 04:00 a.m. del 16 de mayo de 2018, realizaremos una mejora tecnológica en nuestra plataforma web, por lo que presentaremos intermitencia en el servicio de compra a través de la plataforma PSE dur . l 16 de mayo de 2018, realizaremos una mejora tecnológica en nuestra plataforma web, por lo que presentaremos intermitencia en el servicio de compra a través de la plataforma PSE durante el rango de horario indicado. No obstante puedes continuar utiliza . Queremos informarte que el próximo 15 de mayo de 2018 desde las 11:59 p.m. hasta las 04:00 a.m . Queremos informarte que el próximo 15 de mayo de 2018 desde

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was wearing the same outfit on both days he was in the store:


The suspect . but that customer reported the box was empty when he opened it . The store then re-sold the item to a different customer . and bought an Apple Watch with cash. The man came back to the store the following day and returned the watch for a refund. . Kohl's . a man came into . Louisville police seek theft suspect after Kohl's sold empty Apple Watch box to unsuspecting customer

Louisville police seek theft suspect after Kohl's sold empty Apple Watch box to unsuspecting customer - Boulder Daily Camera

Practically speaking, the shift is essentially a change in banking partners and an updated branding for Apple’s joint credit card . An Apple Pay branded credit card will presumably be marketed as part of Apple’s mobile payment service . the new Apple Pay credit card will replace the current Apple Rewards credit card with Goldman Sachs replacing Barclays BCS as the creditor. . Apple is working with Goldman on a cheaper financing deal. . Apple already offers an Apple Rewards credit card (which works with Apple Pay) through Barclays . The partnership will extend into other services including Goldman offering in-store loans to Apple customers buying iPhones and other gadgets . WSJ: Apple partnering with Goldman Sachs to introduce ‘Apple Pay’ credit card in early 2019

WSJ: Apple partnering with Goldman Sachs to introduce ‘Apple Pay’ credit card in early 2019 | 9to5Mac

Please continue promoting the use of the Apple Watch for anyone with cardiac problems, . “I lost a cousin two weeks ago to a massive heart attack, and if he had an Apple Watch, he might have had the same opportunity I got – to live.” . He later sent an email to Apple CEO Tim Cook, recounting his story and expressing his gratitude to the Cupertino tech giant. The subject line was simply: “Thank you, Apple Watch saved my life.” . And he has a simple message for Apple Watch owners: “Listen to the warning. I could have gone for lunch, but I chose to go to the hospital. It gives you a choice. If you don’t take care of yourself, no one else will do it.” . is generally healthy and didn’t display any critical outward symptoms. After undergoing an angioplasty, the man says he is feeling much better. . That came as a shock . In other words, the simple decision to skip lunch and heed his Apple Watch’s warning very well may have saved his life. “In short, I was a walking time bomb . After a series of extensive testing, doctors discovered that, out of three coronary arteries, “two were completely blocked, and was one 90 percent blocked.” . I told them about the Apple Watch giving me this reading, and they told me that the watch gives pretty accurate readings,” . “(The doctor) says ‘Are you feeling anything’ I said no, I feel fine, I’m feeling all right, nothing’s wrong,” he said. But after hospital staff hooked him up to an ECG machine, they immediately referred him to cardiologists. . When he got to the hospital, D’Aquino told doctors that he didn’t know why he was there, but that his wearable had alerted him to a potential issue . I thought that going to the hospital was that important,” he told the Post. “It was a strong signal, not ambiguous. It said I had an elevated heart rate.” . D’Aquino said he had read about similar incidents with the Apple Watch before, so he knew “it was something serious.” He skipped an Easter lunch with family to go straight to the doctor. . Hong Kong resident Gaston D’Aquino, 76, was at mass on Easter Sunday this year when his Apple Watch gave him an alarming notification alerting him to a spike in his heart rate, . Hong Kong Man Becomes Latest to Say Apple Watch Saved His Life

Hong Kong Man Becomes Latest to Say Apple Watch Saved His Life

Apple Watch alerts man to serious health issue - WWLP

What went through your head when you saw that Apple was in fact now the largest watchmaker in the world, by revenue? . I am honestly far more motivated by hearing from one customer who believes that the Watch has materially improved his or her life . If we can help make some people realize that it’s cool to wear something on your wrist again, that’s a win for us and for every watch lover. Sometimes you’ll wear an Apple Watch for outright utility and other times you’ll wear something else for n . It’s just that we’ve been here so many times before, and we’ve sat through people pouring scorn on us with the iPhone. I don’t understand the reaction – while others haven’t been critical and have been more curious and inquisitive. And I think . That’s something I’ve always wondered about – does it get to you? . the vitriol from some commenters. It is not surprising, but it is unnecessary . And how do you feel you and Apple Watch have been embraced by traditional watch collectors and executives? . Health has taken on such a prominent role in the function of the Apple Watch – it seems like with each generation it becomes even more important. Was that intentional from the beginning, or is this just how you find most people are using it? . n early and significant focus was developing both the hardware and software to form the foundation for all of the health-based capabilities. One of the primary applications deeply embedded in the very first watch was to track, communicate, and encourage y . I will say we enjoyed the idea of working with materials where we did not have to make high quantities. It’s unusual for us. . Do you have an idea of how many gold Apple Watch Editions were sold? . You know, there is a real pragmatism that drives our approach to design. But whether we intended to or not, making the Edition moved us into product spaces we hadn’t been in because the watch was worn, not carried. So it became an expression of what pre . But what we didn’t like was how mechanical the closure was – those two metal ends coming together. Our magnetic solution is so wonderful, easy, and personal . With the Milanese bracelet, I think we were utterly intrigued by making a metal band that had the characteristics that were closer to fabric . Actually, we had to think about sizing in a totally new way. Previously, size was a preference. Here it was about actual fit, and that was enormously challenging. If you think of shoes, for example, consider how many different sizes are made of a particul . It took a modicum of courage to understand that this secondary device – the crown – was a fantastic solution for scrolling and making choices. It also allowed us to offer a “second button” on the device. We were predisposed to thinking direct mani . You know that’s been this way for years and years, and he’s somebody who became part of our group with a very particular expertise and set of experiences. . Wow. And Marc Newson was involved for the first time? . Indeed, Marc is an actual watch designer. And his touches on this product did not go unnoticed by anyone who had seen an Ikepod wristwatch, his mechanical brainchild. . You know, we call this (pointing at my MacBook Pro), a MacBook, but you won’t learn more about this by understanding the nature of a physical book – so we didn’t talk to librarians. With the watch, we did. We spoke to an incredible list of experts i . At this point he cracked a smile. And I began to realize that these first few generations of Apple Watch are just the beginning. It’s as if Apple has been toying with us – showing us the framework on which our future life accessories will be based, bu . That the opportunity is phenomenal. Particularly when [you] don’t understand just where we are today in terms of technology and capability, but where we are headed. . Sure, what does that mean specifically? . It was more a matter of optimization – of opportunity. You can look at Apple Watch in terms of trade docs – what it does, etcetera – or you can look at what would be possible if you knew that you had this much technology with you at all times. Many . What’s interesting is that I think there is a strong analog to timekeeping technology here for our own products and computational devices. Think about clock towers, and how monumental but singular they are. They are mainframes. From there, clocks moved . So then what exactly was the genesis of the watch project? . No, we didn’t talk about watches, or us making a watch. I don’t remember him wearing one either. . Did you and Steve discuss watches, and did he have an interest in them? . Was there a culture of watches apparent in the early days of Apple? . I can only speak to the time that I have been with the company, and I can say that my friends in the design team have always been interested in watchmaking, but that is at a personal level. I couldn’t speak to the culture of the company. . I was ushered to the second floor of Apple Park’s cafeteria. The combination of light wood and glass is blinding . The beautiful modern chairs stationed throughout the hallways sit five inches from the walls – not four, not six. They are lovely. . Once inside, we walked on the ground floor around the “inner ring,”
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