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nd passwor . Is this your first time here?

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For now, Texture is a free download from the App Store and interestingly Google Play for Android and ChromeOS users and the service offers a seven-day trial. After that access is $10 a month. At this time it’s unclear how Apple plans to integrate the s


We’re excited Texture will join Apple, along with an impressive catalog of magazines from many of the world’s leading publishers. We are committed to quality journalism from trusted sources and allowing magazines to keep producing beautifully design . Here’s what Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software & Services Eddy Cue had to say about the deal: . Texture currently offers its users content from over 200 magazines for $10 a month. Sort of like “Netflix for Magazines” or an all you can eat music subscription service like Spotify, Google Play Music or Apple Music. . Apple has today confirmed that it is taking a major step into the digital magazine business. Apple’s Eddy Cue shared in a statement that the company would be purchasing Texture, a digital magazine distributor which could enhance Apple’s News app and m . Apple buying digital magazine service Texture,

Apple buying digital magazine service Texture, likely boost to subscription services revenue | 9to5Mac

Apple has released watchOS 4.3 beta 5 for registered developers to test on Apple Watch . watchOS 4.3 beta 5 for Apple Watch developers now available

watchOS 4.3 beta 5 for Apple Watch developers now available | 9to5Mac

Portal Communications' complaint targets all iPhone and iPad models, Mac computers dating back to 2009, iPod touch, Apple Watch Series 3, the fourth-generation Apple TV, Apple TV 4K and HomePod. . The company alleged that Apple's Siri infringes on each of the patents-in-suit, as the voice assistant is capable of understanding -- or makes an attempt to understand -- natural language queries and returns their answers. . in its filing with the Eastern Texas District Court, Portal Communications said that the three related patents were invented by Dave Bernard, CEO of technology solutions firm The Intellection Group. . of the Siri virtual assistant. . Non-practicing entity Portal Communications has filed a lawsuit against Apple for alleged infringement of three patents related to natural language voice query systems -- . Apple sued over Siri's natural language capacities

Apple sued over Siri's natural language capacities | Gadgets Now

AliveCor is aiming to change with the new non-invasive monitoring functionality. . Currently, the only way to test for high potassium levels is through a blood test, . because it's typically asymptomatic, it often goes undetected. . . High potassium in the blood is a sign of several concerning health conditions, like congestive heart failure, chronic kidney disease, and diabetes . For the potassium study, AliveCor used more than 2 million EKGs from the Mayo Clinic from 1994 to 2017 paired with four million serum potassium values and data from an AliveCor smartphone EKG device to create an algorithm that can successfully detect hype . A second study conducted by the Cleveland Clinic also confirms the KardiaBand's ability to accurately detect atrial fibrillation. . for the Apple Watch called KardiaBand, teamed up with the Mayo Clinic for a new study that suggests an AliveCor EKG device paired with artificial intelligence technology can non-invasively detect high levels of potassium in the blood. . the company that makes an

Study Suggests AliveCor KardiaBand for Apple Watch Can Be Used With AI Algorithm to Detect High Potassium - Mac Rumors

Apple Watch sprints past Fitbit to grab wearables crown . var __ezfl_sss_1622 = function() { setTimeout(function(){ var ezflaun = IL11ILILIIlLLLILILLLLIILLLIIL11111LLILiiLIliLlILlLiiLLIiILL.GetNameFromPositionId(1622); if (typeof ezflaun != 'undefined' && ezflaun.length > 0) { if (typeof ez_ad_uni . That’s a huge 57.5 percent year-over-year increase. . during the fourth quarter of 2017 . The 8.0 million units Apple shipped . Fitbit and Xiaomi primarily make cheap fitness trackers, while Apple offers more expensive smartwatches, so for Apple to outsell them is an impressive feat. . Apple sold more wearables than any rival last quarter . According to the latest data from IDC, it’s the first time Apple outsold both Fitbit and Xiaomi. And it beat ’em by a huge margin.  .

Apple Watch sprints past Fitbit to grab wearables crown | Cult of Mac

Apple Watch sprints past Fitbit to grab wearables crown | Cult of Mac

If partnerships with major insurers like UnitedHealthcare and Aetna take hold, the company’s market share could become untouchable in the near future. . Apple has also been working with major healthcare provider, Aetna, to look at providing subsidized or free Apple Watches to the insurers some 23 million customers. . will be rolling out the new program to a limited amount of users starting in July and plans to do a full release later this year.ElThese goals are built into the insurance provider’s Motion app which integrates with Apple HealthKit.

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and tenacity (10,000 total steps each day). If participants meet these daily goals, they can own the watch in six months. . intensity (3,000 steps within 30 minutes) . The program’s walking goals are centered around frequency (walking 500 steps within seven minutes six times per day, at least an hour apart) . required goals to earn the rewards . The program allows users to earn up to $1,000 a year, of which those earrings can be used to pay for an Apple Wat . After paying tax and shipping, anyone enrolled in UnitedHealthcare Motion can get an Apple Watch Series 3 and have the option to apply earnings from the program toward buying the device. After that, their earnings are deposited into their health savings a . members will get the chance to earn a free Apple Watch Series 3 after meeting some activity goals. . what we saw announced by life insurance provider, John Hancock, UnitedHealth . Similar to . UnitedHealthcare shared the news yesterday about the new initiative at HIMSS, a health conference in Las Vegas.Eran 9 venezolanas, 7 colombianas y 2 panameñas. Las víctimas se encontraban en sitios que eran fachadas de bares, que encubrían lugares para la explotación sexual. Las víctimas tenían que entregar su pasaporte y un porcentaje a sus tratantes, explto

Desarticulan red de trata de personas y rescatan a 18 mujeres en Darién

it will allow users to earn up to $1,000 toward medical bills after the cost of the wearable. . offer the option to earn an Apple Watch for essentially free . UnitedHealthcare is the latest insurance firm . UnitedHealthcare promoting healthy living with nearly free Apple Watch Series 3

UnitedHealthcare promoting healthy living with nearly free Apple Watch Series 3 | 9to5Mac

Policía decomisa carro con pichingas de gasolina en pista clandestina de Santa Cruz - La Nación

Las redes sociales (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, entre otras) medios masivos utilizados por los nicaragüenses para hacer denuncia social, están siendo amenazadas por el Gobierno del presidente designado por el Consejo Supremo Electoral, Daniel Ortega, y

Gobierno de Daniel Ortega amenaza con controlar las redes sociales en Nicaragua

Los policías se conducían a excesiva velocidad y atropellaron a un grupo de personas que intentaban subir una vaca herida a un vehículo en el kilómetro 187 de la carretera Litoral.

Cuatro personas murieron atropelladas por policías ebrios en carretera Litoral

El presidente Jimmy Morales anunció este domingo que Guatemala abrirá su nueva embajada en Jerusalén el próximo 16 de mayo, dos días después de que se celebre el 70 aniversario del Estado de Israel y de que el embajador estadounidense se instale en

Morales habla sobre la apertura de la embajada de Guatemala en Jerusalén y agradece a Trump

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o volume de uma pirâmide é um terço do volume de um prisma com a mesma base e altura e o volume de um cone é um terço da de seu cilindro correspondente . os volumes das esferas estão um para o outro como os cubos dos seus raios . as áreas dos círculos estão entre si como os quadrados dos seus raios

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As gratificações, de acordo com a doutrina, são calculadas sobre o vencimento básico do servidor

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He's a great scientist.


Friedrich Tiedemann . therefore it's not gong to be answered simply by utterly debunking the claim that whites have larger brains. It's certainly going to be ameliorated by that . So the debate is really among people, all of whom agree, that whites are superior. . The debate is really between those who think that whites are superior but don't think that ought to be used as an excuse for enslaving blacks or in any way deterring intellectual blacks . which is the 19th century's most forthright defense of a purely egalitarian view. In fact, he measured skulls also [like Morton]. And his argument is that there's no difference. . He wrote an article in 1836

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