suggesting an intimate connection between critical thinking, moral integrity, and citizenship . intellectual virtues . intellectual courage, intellectual empathy, intellectual good faith or integrity, intellectual perseverance, intellectual fair-mindedness, and faith in reason . eveloped together only in an atmosphere, which encourages the intellectual virtues: intellectual courage, intellectual empathy, intellectual good faith or integrity, intellectual perseverance, intellectual fair-mindedness, and faith in reason. The i . critical thought, moral integrity, and responsible citizenship . The human mind, whatever its conscious good will, is subject to powerful, self-deceptive, unconscious egocentricity of mind.r��B�7�g���P��h�퇊�64TȦjo4ݷ� . /�c:������ ������RCritical thinking, understood as skills alone separate from values, is often used to rationalize prejudice and vested interest. Moral integrity and responsible citizenship, understood merely as “good heartedness”, are themselves susceptible to manipul

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Critical Thinking, Moral Integrity and Citizenship

thoughts and emotions are inextricably bound, that we have both egocentric and rational tendencies, that our inner conflicts are never best understood as a simple matter between emotion and reason, that self-command of mind takes both extended education a . There is no reason why everyday emotions cannot be understood, for they are inevitably the product of thinking that is ultimately under our control. Whenever I feel any emotion, I can analyze it. I can ask myself: what is the thinking leading to this feel

Vision, Leadership, and Change - Issues ...about Change, Vision, Leadership, and Change, Volume 2, Number 3


Vision, Leadership, and Change - Issues ...about Change, Vision, Leadership, and Change, Volume 2, Number 3

Vision, Leadership, and Change - Issues ...about Change, Vision, Leadership, and Change, Volume 2, Number 3

That’s all it will ever let us create. . Apple will never have a very good idea of where WatchKit needs to improve if they’re not using it. But this sweet solution is the only choice anyone else has to make Apple Watch apps. . is for Apple to expose its real watchOS UI and media frameworks to third-party developers, as it has done on iOS. . No focus on quality or expansion of WatchKit will fix this. There are only two ways to meaningfully improve Watch apps, spur third-party innovation, and unlock the true potential of the Apple Watch. . WatchKit needs to be discontinued and replaced. . But unlike the iPhone’s web apps, WatchKit doesn’t appear to be a stopgap — it seems to be Apple’s long-term solution to third-party app development on the Apple Watch. . Instead, we’re only allowed to use WatchKit, a baby UI framework that would’ve seemed rudimentary to developers even in the 1990s. . Developing Apple Watch apps is extremely frustrating and limited for one big reason: unlike on iOS, Apple doesn’t give app developers access to the same watchOS frameworks that they use on Apple Watch. . Apps were terrible, and didn’t take off, until we had access to the same native tools that Apple used. . Apple wasn’t using web apps for their own built-in iPhone apps — they were using native code and frameworks to make real apps.11 Developers like me did our best with web apps, but they sucked. We simply couldn’t make great apps without access to the . Apple tried to pass off web apps as a “sweet solution” for third-party apps, but nobody was fooled. . Developers weren’t given access to make native apps until the iPhone’s second year. . In the original 2007 iPhone introduction, Steve Jobs famously derided other smartphones at the time for running “baby” software and the “baby” internet. He was right. . WatchKit is a sweet solution that will only ever give us baby apps


The agency called the insert an “awareness piece” to build interest in Toyota’s new car. . Noble said that adding an Apple Watch would have allowed the ad to take the pulse rate and transmit the information to a database. “It would have taken another year, . What’s missing is the ability for the sensors to send the pulse rate to a database where marketers can analyze the data to determine the probability of whether the subscriber will buy the car.  . “It takes your pulse rate, so if you pass on the piece to someone else and they try it the sensors will take their pulse rate . Those viewing the ad can grip door handles, placing their thumbs on the sensors. When the handles are pulled open, the reader sees an insert with an electronic dashboard light up, complete with a pulse rate. The reader also can smell the leather. . Structural Graphics assembled the gatefold in a layered 3D effect, including the wiring and batteries. Once the final prototype met approval, assembly began by hand. . The leather scent printed on white stock and cut to back up the pop-up dashboard. When it's closed, it is compressed so the scent is not noticeable. . Batteries were another challenge, she said. Originally the piece had between six and eight batteries. The U.S. postal service would only allow two. . We had to find really skinny wires that would take a fold. The screen is in the middle of the gatefold.” . The insert supports scent, visual display, 13 LED lights, and four PC boards. . Work on the ad, designed to allow consumers to experience the new Camry 2018 edition, began in April 2017. Toyota worked with its agency of record, Saatchi & Saatchi, along with multiple vendors. The campaign launched in September. The print piece is inte . Toyota has become the first car manufacturer to bring electronics and a new car smell to life in an ad. . Toyota, Saatchi Build Electronics Into Print Ad With New Car Smell

Toyota, Saatchi Build Electronics Into Print Ad With New Car Smell 03/05/2018

Given Apple's definition of wearables, which includes wireless headphones/earphones as well as Apple Watch, these new high-end headphones would also fit within that category . The company will probably still keep the Beats brand around, but potentially target lower ends of the market, . In addition to noise-canceling, Apple is expected to include the same seamless pairing technology found in AirPods, which is enabled by Apple's custom W1 wireless chip. . Now we're hearing more evidence that these headphones could be in the works, with Bloomberg's Mark Gurman . KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believed the headphones could launch as early as the fourth quarter of this year. . could be working on a new set of high-end over-ear headphones in an effort to expand its lineup of audio accessories . Last week, rumors surfaced that . Bloomberg Corroborates Rumors of Apple Premium Headphones

Bloomberg Corroborates Rumors of Apple Premium Headphones -- The Motley Fool

It seems that Apple's AirPower accessory uses a special radio signal to detect the latest Watch enabling it to charge of Qi to get around the issue.


Specifically, the smartwatch's convex back, which was originally designed to only charge with non-QI concave magnetic chargers as opposed to flat, QI based surfaces. . The AirPower mat uses the popular QI standard method that most wireless charging accessories adopt, but apparently extra work was needed to get it to play nice with the design of Apple's smartwatch.

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the mat is coming soon and it appears that one of the reasons the charging accessory faced some issues was related to getting the charging right for the Apple Watch Series 3. . could be on course to be available to buy in the second half of March. . According to the generally pretty reliable folks at MacOtakara though . It was slated to launch 'next year' . Back in September last year, Apple unveiled its AirPower wireless charging pad that was capable of charging new iPhones, Apple Watches and Apple AirPods (with the new charging case) all at the same time.

Apple's AirPower charging mat apparently ran into Watch Series 3 issues

It aims to deliver "compassionate, effective healthcare" for its workers. . Apple will open its own medical clinics for employees

Apple will open its own medical clinics for employees

n regards to today's patent, it would otherwise appear to function similar to the Apple Watch's existing induction charging puck, allowing users to simply place the wearable device inside the case's cradle, close it to protect the screen, and charge it up . Apple's patent even suggests the case could charge a "smart band," which would include some form of circuitry and have abilities that supplement the Apple Watch with additional sensors or extra battery. . In this particular patent, users would have to remove the bands to charge the Apple Watch and then store them next to it. According to the patent, there would be an "attachment system" -- magnets are suggested -- so that bands of "different geometry" woul . n the patent's images, the case appears rectangular in shape, with the left side housing two rows for two pairs of Apple Watch bands, while the right side has a cutout for the Apple Watch case. . Similar to portable battery packs, or Apple's own AirPods case, users would charge the Apple Watch case itself, and then when traveling they could place their Apple Watch within the case to recharge it. . an accessory that would let users charge their Apple Watch while on the go while also storing a few extra bands . Apple Granted Patent for Apple Watch Wireless Charging and Band Storage Case

Apple Granted Patent for Apple Watch Wireless Charging and Band Storage Case - Mac Rumors

it is unknown if legal action will be attempted against Apple by the firm's representatives . Despite the accusations in the court filing . the bankruptcy court filing, Apple's action amounts to "an illegal restraint of trade." The firm believes it can also raise "patent infringement actions against Apple related to the Apple Watch and distress messaging function." . According to . the patent lost its value, making it harder to secure funding "because there's questions about the viability of your products, at a couple of main ones." . By turning it of . WiseWear claims that "Apple turned off the port through an operating system change" once it was proven the band was a viable product, effectively making the product "unusable for its designed purpose." . At the time, Mashable reported Reserve Strap suspended orders for the $250 band, which had already missed its original shipping date for the accessory by six months. . n April 2016, the watchOS 2.0.1 update included a change to the Apple External Accessory Protocol that disabled the Reserve Strap's functionality to pass charge through the port. . had designed a "battery band" that used the diagnostic port on the Apple Watch to charge the wearable device, a design the firm quickly patented. . The reason for the funding round's failure is claimed to lie in WiseWear's acquisition of Reserve Strap Inc. last year, buying the firm's assets and liabilities in exchange for $505,000 in convertible notes . The Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing was caused by the company's failure to secure $2 million in Series A financing to continue operations, . WiseWear produced wearable devices that could track a user's activities and provide distress messaging alerts, but designed them to be more like jewelry. Items from the firm were sold by retailers including Macy's and Nordstrom, with bracelets made with p . WiseWear, a San Antonio wearable device startup, blames Apple for causing it to file for bankruptcy on Wednesday, claiming the decision to deactivate the Apple Watch diagnostic port caused patents it held to reduce in value, in turn causing it to fail to . WiseWear Chapter 11 bankruptcy blamed on Apple's decision to deactivate Apple Watch diagnostic port

WiseWear Chapter 11 bankruptcy blamed on Apple's decision to deactivate Apple Watch diagnostic port

Similarly, you would also have the option available to control music playing on the Apple TV with your Apple Watch as well . One other feature which was previously highly demanded by users was the ability to control music playback on the iPhone with the Apple Watch . Apart from this, a new charging animation and app loading animation will be added as well. Activity data will also be displayed on the Siri watch face and the complication corresponding to the battery will now be more accurate. . will add support for the Nightstand mode in portrait orientation. This was only available previously when users placed their Apple Watch in landscape orientation . The beta 4 has been seeded to developers for testing purposes. The fourth beta arrives a little over two weeks after the company seeded watchOS 4.2.3,
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