Apple Watch knockoff promises 45-day battery life, heart rate tracking, and more for under $100

Apple Watch knockoff promises 45-day battery life, heart rate tracking, and more for under $100 | 9to5Mac

Apple was granted a patent for that in October 2017 and last week Apple filed a "continuation patent" that updated their patent claims to cover a "bladder" to a future Apple Watch band that could be tightened and or eased to assist in adjusting the band f . One of the engineers listed on the filing is Tyler Bushnell who is a Product Designer at Apple. Coincidentally, Bushnell was also behind a patent that we covered in back in October 2017 in a report titled "Apple Wins Patent for Reinventing the Watch Band . generation of content using an input device without a touch-sensitive surface. In some examples, touch-down and lift-off on a non-touch-sensitive surface can be monitored by a force sensor of the input device. The position and/or motion of the input devic . Apple's latest invention may also allow a future version of the Apple Pencil to create 2D and 3D images and work with augmented and virtual reality editing applications. . Over the last few weeks a couple of new Apple patent applications have surfaced regarding possible next-generation versions of Apple Pencil that could go far beyond simply adding Apple Pencil support for the next generation of the Magic Trackpad. . The patent introduced us to a new inertial sensor mode that would allow Apple Pencil to rotate or tilt drawn content on-screen and even double as a joystick for games. . Apple Patent Reveals Advancing Apple Pencil to work with Non-Touch Surfaces and supporting 3D & AR Editing Apps

Apple Patent Reveals Advancing Apple Pencil to work with Non-Touch Surfaces and supporting 3D & AR Editing Apps - Patently Apple

covered this as a patent application report back in August 2016 . Apple's newly granted patent 9,886,093 covers their invention relating to a possible future Apple Watch band with haptic actuators built in. . Covering Face ID's Pattern Projection System, a Future Apple Watch Band & more . Apple Won 61 Granted Patents

Apple Won 61 Granted Patents Today Covering Face ID's Pattern Projection System, a Future Apple Watch Band & more - Patently Apple

Rumors last year pegged the charging pad at $199, while a separate report claimed Apple will charge $69 for a wireless AirPods case replacement. . An exact release date was not provided, but the tipster said Best Buy would receive sales stock and demo units in late March. . correct, it seems Apple intends to sell standalone wireless AirPods charging cases exclusively through its own retail stores, leaving third-party resellers like Best Buy to sell the item as a package with new AirPods. . If . does not have a reliable track record in predicting Apple product launches, so the following information should be taken with a heft grain of salt. . According to the source, Best Buy is set to initiate online and in-store sales on the same day as Apple, a strategy in line with past accessory launches including Apple Pencil. . Citing an unnamed "tipster" from Best Buy, The Apple Post reports the big box retailer and Apple Authorized Reseller will begin sales of AirPower and the wireless AirPods charging case — packaged with AirPods — next month. . Rumor: Apple to launch AirPower and AirPods wireless charging case in March

Rumor: Apple to launch AirPower and AirPods wireless charging case in March

Google was also working on a contact lens for tracking glucose noninvasively from the eye, but the project has gone suspiciously quiet. . to have a team busily researching the possibility of noninvasive techniques, presumably with the hope it could one day offer this feature in th . "The good news is that these minimally invasive technologies are really working well right now." He also doesn't believe research by companies like Apple will be totally futile, as other benefits will likely arise from it. . "You can have all the money in the world, but you can't change the laws of physics." . But according to LeBoeuf, being able to advise someone on their insulin requirements using a noninvasive technology isn't just difficult; it's impossible. "There will literally be stem cell regenerated pancreas cells in the body before there is ever anyth . Right now, invasive techniques can tell diabetics what insulin dosage they need by measuring their blood and interstitial fluid. This can be done by pricking the skin for blood, or tracking interstitial fluid just beneath the surface, as Dexcom's devices . It is completely impossible to have a truly noninvasive glucose monitor," Valencell CEO Steven LeBoeuf . which licences biometric sensor tech to Samsung, Sony and other big companies, it's a nonstarter. . Rumors abound that companies including Apple are looking to crack noninvasive glucose tracking, which would let people test their blood sugar without breaking the skin - but according to Valencell . Noninvasive glucose tracking will never happen, says leading sensor company

Noninvasive glucose tracking will never happen, says leading sensor company

Fellow co-founder Brandon Ballinger said that the next step would be to incorporate DeepHeart directly within the Cardiogram app . The accuracy rate was found to be 85% – good enough to justify further medical tests to confirm the diagnosis . 14,011 users of Cardiogram for Apple Watch and Android Wear were recruited into UCSF’s Health eHeart Study. Then, 33,628 person-weeks of health sensor data was used to train a deep neural network by presenting it with samples from people with and withou . Data from the Cardiogram app was analyzed by DeepHeart, a neural network. . Your heart is connected with your pancreas via the autonomic nervous system. As people develop the early stages of diabetes, their pattern of heart rate variability shifts. In 2015, the Framingham Heart Study showed that high resting heart rate and low he . which included 463 participants with previously-diagnosed diabetes. . a collaboration between UC San Francisco and digital health startup Cardiogram – measured the accuracy of a new diabetes detection algorithm . study involving more than 14,000 Apple Watch and Android Wear users has shown that heart-rate data from the wearables can detect early signs of diabetes. . Large-scale study shows Apple Watch & other wearables can detect early signs of diabetes

Large-scale study shows Apple Watch & other wearables can detect early signs of diabetes | 9to5Mac

as the device approaches its third anniversary in April. . this growth has resulted in Apple Watch shipments coming in higher than all Swiss watch brands combined for the first time last quarter, according to IDC research director Francisco Jeronimo.‏ In other words, Apple is now the biggest watchmaker in the w . Cook added that sales of Apple Watch Series 3 models were also more than twice as high as Series 2 models in the year-ago quarter. . On an earnings call last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the Apple Watch had its best quarter ever during the final three months of 2017, with over 50 percent growth in revenue and units sold for the fourth quarter in a row, and strong double-digit growth i . Apple doesn't actually reveal Apple Watch sales on a standalone basis. Instead, the device is grouped under Apple's expanding "Other Products" category, alongside the Apple TV, Apple Watch, accessories like AirPods and Beats, and as of next quarter, the H . Among the Series 3 models, around 13 percent of customers opted for an LTE-enabled model, while 35 percent of people were satisfied with the Wi-Fi and GPS version. . Canalys claims that 48 percent of the shipments were the latest Apple Watch Series 3 models, while 52 percent were Series 2 or older models . Apple Watch shipments topped an all-time high of 18 million units in 2017, according to estimated data from research firm Canalys, an over 50 percent increase compared to the roughly 12 million units Apple shipped in 2016. . Not only did the Apple Watch just have its best quarter ever in terms of sales, but it also had a record-breaking year overall, capped off by topping shipments from the entire Swiss watch industry combined last quarter.

Apple Watch Had Record Year With Estimated 18M Shipments in 2017, Topped Entire Swiss Watch Industry Last Quarter - Mac Rumors

  . Riefenstahl . Leni . anybody? . even more troubling is the false history he presented to movie audiences through a very powerful medium. . Spielberg could only visualize this hugely important historical event from an exceedingly narrow post-Holocaust perspective and Saving Private Ryan suffered grievously for it . An orthodox Jew with close ties to Israel . . Saving Private Ryan . is history re-imagined through a Zionist prism. . Alterations to the historical record in Spielberg’s film might seem slight or “nuanced” and therefore benign, but there is no harmless way to rewrite history.  . also has the Wehrmacht soldier whose life Miller spared at the radar array returning to drive a bayonet through Mellish’s heart . Spielberg . that all Germans are evil, period. . as if to suggest . the effect on audiences upon its initial release—when theatergoers loudly cheered as Upham quite deliberately shoots the unarmed German soldier . Upham rises up from behind a pile of rubble and brandishes his M1 and—barking orders in fluent German—captures a squad of Wehrmacht troopers, one of whom is the soldier spared by Miller who now addresses Upham by name.  Upham shoots this man in cold . One of the attacking Germans is the man Miller had earlier spared execution who, during the ensuing melee, kills Mellish with a bayonet. . Here again, truth and fact are at odds with the post-Holocaust world, where Spielberg so comfortably resides. . Mellish stands next to a passing line of German POWs and flashes his dogtags and a Star of David medallion and verbally identifies himself as “Juden”.  Once again, this is a fantasy of the post-Holocaust world. . in post-Holocaust Hollywood anything bearing the stamp of World War Two is somehow connected to the death camps.  There are countless such examples post-1978. . Even a flick remote from the Holocaust feels its effect:

When Spielberg Did D-Day

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Впервые в Греции установил гномон — простейшие солнечные часы и


составил первую карту Земли . Противоположные состояния имеют под собой общую основу, будучи сосредоточены в неком едином, из которого они все вычленяются. . совершается гибель миров, а намного раньше их рождение, причем испокон бесконечного веку повторяется по кругу всё одно и то же» . самозарождение жизни . Все живое порождается испаряемой солнцем влагой; когда океан выкипает, обнажив сушу, живые существа возникают «из нагретой воды с землёй» . разделению веществ . Апейрон в результате вихреобразного процесса разделяется на физические противоположности горячего и холодного, влажного и сухого и т. д., . которому присуще непрерывное движение. . некое бесконечное, «нестареющее» [божественное] начало — апейрон ( . Источником происхождения всего сущего . развивается сама по себе, без вмешательства олимпийских богов . Вселенная, . Земля свободно покоится в центре мира без опоры.
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