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China fruit, vegetable prices surge as blizzards cut off roads, damage crops

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endurance. . It’s a whiny, lying joy-stealer. . It’s not your master; you don’t have to obey it.

what to do when you don’t feel like doing anything at all: how to stop procrastination

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El hábitat del mangle es exclusivament las plantas han desarrollado ciertas estrategias de adaptación fisiológicas y anatómicas como una marcada tolerancia a las altas concentraciones de sal, adaptaciones para ocupar suelos inestables, adaptaciones para intercambiar gases en sustratos anae . tán sometidas a una serie de variables que se encuentran en interacción constante, entre estas se pueden mencionar las corrientes marinas, las mareas, los vientos, la precipitación, el caudal y la sedimentación de los ríos, entre otrosuna excelente barrera contra los efectos de los huracanes. . sirven para estabilizar las líneas de costa baja e impedir o limitar la erosión . no se pudre en el agua. . El hábitat del mangle es exclusivamente tropical e intermareal, por lo que el suelo o sedimento se encuentra saturado de agua y es salino o de salinidad variable . En las regiones costeras constituye una planta pionera, ya que se establece primero y constituye la base para que muchas otras especies de plantas y, sobre todo, de animales, se establezcan después. . y, más aún, en las lagunas o albuferas en contacto con el mar, donde la concentración de sal es generalmente mayor. . tolera una elevada salinidad como la que hay en las aguas costeras . Las ramas colgantes de los mangles se hunden en la tierra, echan raíces y se entrelazan, con lo que forman impenetrables barreras en las que se refugian peces y se adhieren y viven moluscos.

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se encuentran apoyadas numerosas raíces aéreas simples o dicotómicamente ramificadas con numerosas lenticelas, la corteza es de color olivo pálido con manchas grises, sin embargo en el interior es de color rojizo, su textura es de lisa a levemente rug

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Re-open the last used app


Switching between apps is easy as well – you can jump back to the last used app just by double-tapping the Digital Crown. . Transfer a call to your iPhone . Received a call on your Watch, but want to continue it on your actual phone? No problem. Accept the call from the smartwatch and swipe up to send it over. Seamless. . Cover to mute . If your Watch is set to notify you or ring with sounds, but you're in the middle of a meeting or situation where loud dings are rude, you can turn on 'Cover to Mute' in the Sound & Haptics settings. Then simply cover your watch for three seconds for it ta . Force restart . Apple says to do this action as a last resort, so if you're left with no choice then hold the Digital Crown and side button together for 10 seconds. Just like restarting your iPhone, the Apple logo will pop up and your watch should restart. . Change the wrist-raise action . In the Apple Watch settings menu turn on the Wrist Raise feature. Below, you'll have a couple options under 'On Screen Raise Show Last App'. You can choose to show the last app while you're in session, within two minutes of last use, within one hour of la . You can also do it from within the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Just go to General and then Wake Screen, you'll have the same couple options to choose from. . Chain together your workouts . To date the Apple Watch has let you down, but it's getting better, and in watchOS 4 you can now chain together workouts, which means less time rubbing those sweaty fingers around the screen. If you want to jump from one type of workout to another, rather . not set as default though. To enable screenshots, head to the Watch companion app and then go to General. There you'll be able to toggle Enable Screenshots on or off. . can take screenshots when you hold down the digital crown and the action button below it at the same time. Images are then saved to your camera roll on your iPhone. . Take a screenshot . To do this, go to the Watch companion app, where you can toggle the Unlock with iPhone feature on or off. You need to be wearing the Watch for this feature to work though. . Unlock Watch from your iPhone

39 Apple Watch tips and tricks

He was released into his mother’s custody. . Juvenile charges are pending against a 14-year-old . 18, . The officer went undercover in plainclothes to meet with two males who were selling the watch, police said. Both suspects were then taken into custody, and the property was recovered and returned to the owner. . An officer then set up a meeting with the seller in Cedar Lake, agreeing to pay $250 for the stolen watch. . Officers created a Letgo account and found the watch for sale in the Cedar Lake area with the help of the victim, . A 20-year-old man from Wannatah, Indiana reported that he’d traveled to Cedar Lake to meet someone who intended to buy his Apple Watch, which he had listed for sale on the mobile classifieds application Letgo, police said. When the man arrived to sell t . An officer responded at 5:14 p.m. to a call of a robbery . CEDAR LAKE, Indiana . Two teenagers used an app Friday evening to steal a man’s Apple Watch, and then tried to use the same application to resell it to an undercover officer in northwest Indiana. . Teens use app to steal Apple Watch, then try to use same app to sell it to undercover cop

Whoops: Teens use app to steal Apple Watch, then try to use same app to sell it to undercover cop - Story | WFLD

It’s simply more symmetrical than 10:10 . Apple set the time a minute early to show that it’s ahead of the curve. . Most watchmakers set the time to 10:10 in product shots. It’s symmetrical, and doesn’t obstruct the manufacturer logo, which typically sits under the 12. The Apple Watch, however, displays a time of 10:09. Why? . Apple’s watch, on the other hand, is a completely different story. . All this changed in 2010. During this announcement, Jobs revealed the first iPad… at 9:41. Since, all product images for the iPhone, iPad or Mac have featured the time of 9:41. On the Apple website right now, you’ll see that this is still the case. . Apple’s reasoning was simple, although it doesn’t actually work out that way today: the game-changing announcements always happen about 40 minutes into an Apple keynote. . Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone in 2007. The announcement time happened to be 9:42 AM, which led to a host of subsequent product shots featuring that time. . The time actually used to be 9:42. . Apparently, Apple’s product images for both the iPhone and iPad always feature the device displaying the time at 9:41 . This is why it’s always 9:41 in Apple product photos

This is why it's always 9:41 in Apple product photos

Apple recently committed $1 billion towards creating new shows, and their largest acquisition to date was buying Beats for $3 billion in 2014. There’s also been no reports of talks between the two companies at this time . Effectively they’ll soon have a LOT of money available and a need to spend it. As a result, analysts for Citi now claim that the chances of that acquisition taking place have reached a quite high 40% according to Business Insider. . A common answer was that of Apple acquiring Netflix for around $50-75 billion. Apple has $252 billion in overseas funds reserves, growing at $50 billion annually, and with President Trump’s newly passed corporate tax cut they have a one-time allowance . In the wake of the Disney-Fox deal having gone down last month, many have speculated as to what would be the likeliest next acquisition of one giant entertainment conglomerate by another.

Apple Acquiring Netflix Speculation Heats Up - Dark Horizons

Personally, I’m sufficiently deeply embedded into the Apple ecosystem that I haven’t bought any competing IAs. I’m also currently satisfied with my Apple Watch as a means of controlling things around the home, and see no great benefit in sticking Si . An alternative view put forward . Some consumers might consider a $30 speaker to be cheap enough to throw away and not a barrier to buying the Apple device when it arrives. . Apple is in a bit of trouble,” said Adam Wright, senior research analyst at IDC, who estimated that about 35 million smart speakers had been installed worldwide as of a couple of weeks ago – not including U.S. Christmas sales. “We’ve witnessed an . possible impact of the increased competition in the market, especially when you can combine an Amazon Dot with a Sonos Play:3 to get something which would match both the smarts and the audio quality of the HomePod. . while Apple wants to make money from both the hardware and additional Apple Music subscriptions, Google and Amazon are willing to pay for the data gathered from their speakers. . The two companies’ willingness to lose money on the hardware reveals their very different strategy to Apple with its upcoming HomePod speaker … . Amazon and Google discounted their smart speakers so deeply in the holiday sales that they likely lost money on each unit, say analysts. Amazon discounted its Echo Dot to $29.99 in the run-up to the holidays, with the Google Home Mini also seen for the sa . Amazon & Google likely lost money on smart speakers in run-up to HomePod launch, say analysts

Amazon & Google likely lost money on smart speakers in run-up to HomePod launch, say analysts | 9to5Mac

Apple has proactively pursued health care apps for its operating systems and Apple Watch, and it has filed patents for health-related wearable tech like emergency-detecting sensors. Apple is also involved in a heart rate study in partnership with Stanford . Apple Watch has already been used extensively in the health field. A study last month said the Apple Watch can be used to accurately detect hypertension and sleep apnea through machine learning and heart rate monitoring. . EKG tech in a wearable will need to be cleared by regulators. Earlier this year, they cleared an EKG strap accessory for the Apple Watch from a third-party maker. . While the Apple Watch currently has heart monitoring features, the new electrocardiograms (EKG) tech would help detect heart beat irregularities -- no doctor's office required. It would take the Apple Watch past fitness use cases for heart monitoring. . According to Bloomberg, Apple is planning to include a more advanced heart monitor in future versions of the smartwatch. . At Cupertino, a prototype version of the Apple Watch allows users to squeeze the frame with two fingers to send a weak electrical current to the heart to pick up signals. . Apple developing advanced heart monitor for new Apple Watch

Apple developing advanced heart monitor for new Apple Watch: Report | ZDNet

The wireless power transmitting device may have control circuitry that supplies drive signals to a coil to produce wireless power signals. . In the second patent Apple notes that their invention covers a system in which a wireless power transmitting device may transmit power wirelessly to a wireless power receiving device. . The first patent notes that the invention covers a system may have a power adapter with multiple ports for supplying power to respective electronic devices. The electronic devices may include devices such as cellular telephones, wristwatch devices, laptop . A user will be able to set up wireless power transfers in a particular order, such as setting up the system so that your iPhone gets power first followed by your Apple Watch and then iPad. . Apple Invents a Wireless Power Transfer System with Unique Optimum Power Scheduling & more

Apple Invents a Wireless Power Transfer System with Unique Optimum Power Scheduling & more - Patently Apple

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