Sexual health . Alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use . The ACHA-National College Health Assessment (NCHA) is a nationally recognized research survey that can assist you in collecting precise data about your students’ health habits, behaviors, and perceptions.


hospitalized . in 2008 . first year BU . Six students received urgent care after noting that they were in extreme distress. . 9 percent were referred to Behavioral Medicine for appointments or other follow-ups. . 45 people came for checkup . Everyone who is screened receives information about counseling and other services, regardless of whether they show symptoms of anxiety and depression. No appointment is needed. . A clinician will review the answers on site and discuss what the proper next steps might be and provide referral cards directing students to Behavioral Medicine, the Center for Anxiety & Related Disorders, or the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation. . The results can help determine if someone is experiencing depression, anxiety, a mood disorder, or even post-traumatic stress. . Tomorrow, October 5, all students, as well as faculty and staff, can receive free, confidential screenings for depression and anxiety as part of National Depression Screening Day. . BU chapter of the student mental-health group Active Minds, which works to make people more aware of mental health issues, reduce prejudice against those with mental health challenges, and direct students to behavioral health resources on campus. . Rather than confront her feelings, Pae says, she would party with friends. Her grades began to suffer as well. . they feel really alone, isolated, that no one else feels like they do. And that’s just not the case . Despite the fact that depression and anxiety are treatable, many students are reluctant to admit they have a problem and to seek help . stress can be a trigger of psychological conditions . when feelings of sadness, loneliness, or low self-worth become the norm, reaching out is really important . withdrawal from typical daily activities, thoughts of self-harm or suicide, giving away possessions, changes in personal hygiene, and excessive use of alcohol or other drugs, which are often used by students experiencing social anxiety to self-medicate. . isolation . excessive anxiety or panic . prolonged feelings of sadness or despair . concentrating . hang out with your friends . an’t get to class . ability to function . So when do those feelings become reason for more concern? . Every student feels stressed out . Both are treatable with therapy, lifestyle changes, and medication when indicated—and sometimes a combination of all three . technological advances . anticipatory anxiety . anxiety had affected their academic performance, defined as receiving a lower grade on an exam or important project, receiving an incomplete, or dropping a course. . spring 2014 that a Penn State study had found that anxiety had surpassed depression as the leading mental health issue facing college student . at BU, Behavioral Medicine clinicians report that the number of students in crisis coming in for help has increased sharply—from 647 in the 2014–2015 academic year to 906 last year. . Mental Health has become a critical issue on college campuses.

Anxiety: The Most Common Mental Health Diagnosis in College Students | BU Today | Boston University

Anxiety: The Most Common Mental Health Diagnosis in College Students | BU Today | Boston University

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De ser admitida en la ley, esta reforma permitiría decidir la continuidad del funcionario a la mitad del período para el que fue electo, es decir, que cada dos años la ciudadanía podría evaluar a sus representantes (presidente, diputados y alcaldes)

TSE propone que cualquier cargo público sea revocable si la ciudadanía lo exige

El Canal de Panamá ofrecerá a partir de este viernes 1 de diciembre, un cupo adicional de reserva para el tránsito de neopanamax, aumentando de seis a siete la disponibilidad diaria para estos buques, informó la entidad.

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Silicon as a beneficial element in forage oat (Avena sativa L.): physiological responses of growth and management

En el lugar se encontraban almacenados mil 181 paquetes confeccionados con cinta canela, que contenían la aparente marihuana, misma que se prevé se encontraba lista para ser enviada a los Estados Unidos por parte de algún grupo delincuencial.

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Los casos comenzaron a reportarse a partir del martes, luego de que consumieran leche líquida no pasteurizada que recibieron en donación.

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El suceso se produjo durante un patrullaje esta madrugada. Un pandillero falleció también tras el intercambio de disparos.

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The One Abutment-One Time Protocol: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. - PubMed - NCBI

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When he lands, a group of townspeople greet him rudely, telling him that he is under suspicion for a murder discovered the previous night. . The monster becomes enraged at Victor for breaking his promise, and at the prospect of his own continued solitude. He curses and vows revenge, then departs, swearing that he will be with Victor on his wedding night. . He imagines that his new creature might not want to seclude herself, as the monster had promised, or that the two creatures might have children, creating “a race of devils . . . on the earth.” . He often has trouble continuing his work, however, knowing how unsatisfying, even grotesque, the product of his labor will be. . Victor assures him that the prospect of marriage to Elizabeth is the only happiness in his life. . have doubts . fateful meeting

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OEA sin fecha para informe de municipales en Nicaragua

Hasta el momento no se reportaron daños materiales considerables, ni personas fallecidas o lesionadas, aunque sí fue percibido en varias partes de la zona central del territorio salvadoreño.

Sismo de moderada intensidad sacudió La Libertad esta mañana

El presidente Juan Carlos Varela indicó que el aumento significativo de los cultivos de hectáreas de drogas sembrados en Colombia, y el remanente existente de la disidencia de miembros de las FARC, que no se han acogido al proceso de paz, ha generad
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