e's district includes most of the city of Providence, home to United Natural Foods Inc (UNFI.O), w . mazon's proposed purchase of Whole Foods could impact neighborhood grocery stores and hardworking consumers across America," the Rhode Island Democrat said in a statement. "Congress has a responsibility to fully scrutinize this merger before it goes ahead . Amazon and Whole Foods declined to comment. . resentative David Cicilline requested the hearing on Thursday in a letter to the chair of the House Judiciary Committee and the subcommittee chairman. . could upend the landscape for grocers, food delivery services and meal-kit companies. . e top Democrat on the U.S. House of Representatives' antitrust subcommittee has voiced concerns about Amazon.com Inc's (AMZN.O) $13.7 billion plan to buy Whole Foods Market Inc (WFM.O) and is pushing for a hearing to look into the deal's impact on consume

U.S. lawmaker calls for hearing on Amazon's Whole Foods deal

Vietnam fastest growing stock market in region | Retail News Asia

men for Jimmy Choo and CVC declined to comment, while Hony and Michael Kors could not be reached. . Choo, which is run by Pierre Denis, has more than 150 stores globally as . ichael Kors is said to be working with JP Morgan, the Wall Street bank, on its bid. . on Friday that Hony Capital had been holding discussions with Interparfums, the French fragrances group which holds the licence to manufacture Jimmy Choo-branded perfumes, about a joint bid ‎for the company. . h owns 70% of the London-listed compan . p for sale in April by JAB Hold . VC Capital Partners, the former owner of Debenhams and‎ Formula One m . PizzaExpress, . ony Capital, the Chinese priv . eal an £800m takeover of Jimmy C . Michael Kors, the New York-listed chain, has indicated that it will table an indicative bid for Jimmy Ch

Hony and Michael Kors vie for £800m Jimmy Choo

arket driver has been Australia and New Zealand’s consumption per capita, which has grown at twice the rate of the U.S. over the past decade. This has contributed to the sales productivity of some international brands being among the highest in the worl . e tourist arrivals have tripled in Australia and quadrupled in New Zealand over the past decade, which is supporting retail trade, particularly in the major CBD markets. . we expect mid-range fashion and specialist clothing brands to show a rising contribution to brand entry rates in Australia and New Zealand . E said that displaced domestic retailers could increasingly seek secondary centres and this will have a positive impact on centres and locations that currently struggle as a result of low retailer demand. . ven lower at 16 per cent, which CBRE said hig . stralia is 28 per cent, which . emain low relative to other developed nations. . , with over 90 groups seeking to roll out stores in Australia and 50 retailers eyeing New Zealand, according to a new CBRE report.

Over 50 retailers eyeing New Zealand | Retail News Asia

80 employees produce garments for a number of international brands including Calvin Klei . ustrial Park, a one-hour flight from the capital. Among the 15 companies with manufacturing facilities there is PVH, a U.S. apparel company. . apan's Fast Retailing, which manufacturers and sells casual clothes under the Uniqlo brand, is among the many apparel makers that has shown interest in the . f a new railway line to a port in neighboring Djibouti, located on the Horn of Africa in the Arabian Sea. The railway will facilitate transport of goods from the l . facturers from China, South Korea, India and other countries have opened new plants in the continent's second most populous nation while a growing number of European and U.S. brands are sourcing garment

Chinese, South Korean, Indian apparel makers landing in Ethiopia- Nikkei Asian Review

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Over the past three months, I’ve run more than a thousand kilometers testing these apps in real-world running conditions, and now it’s time to reveal which one earns pride of place on my sweaty wrist.


been reviewing the best running apps for Apple Watch. . All this week on Cult of Mac, . What’s the best Apple Watch running app?

What's the best Apple Watch running app? [Runner's Week: Day 7]


What's the best Apple Watch running app? [Runner's Week: Day 7]

In its gym-like lab, Apple uses its employees as its test subjects. . The company disclosed to MIT that the fitness lab was built a couple of years ago before the Apple Watch was first rolled out in 2015. At the time, Apple envisioned to make it a playground to test and refine fitness-tracking systems of its wearables. . Apple is the largest buyer of 50 metabolic carts, a machine used to measure oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production as well as to evaluate the requisite energy during exercise and to regulate work capacity. . the lab offered a look at some of the first fitness gears that tap a beta version of GymKit to sync data in real-time between the exercise gear and an Apple Watch . Of the latest developments . Jay Blahnik, Apple's director of Fitness and Health, disclosed that the company's fitness lab has already accumulated more than 33,000 hours of data on how people walk, run, swim, cycle, and sit. The lab has 13 medical doctors, physiologist, and exercise . On Tuesday, the iPhone maker opened the doors of its fitness lab tucked away in its Cupertino headquarters, which has long been under wraps from the public's eyes. . Apple shows fitness lab for the first time

Apple shows fitness lab for the first time

To take advantage of the ultra-low pricing, you’ll need to pre-order Ticwatch through Kickstarter, where the E model is just $99 at early bird pricing, and the S starts at $119. When they eventually hit retail, they’ll cost $159 and $199 respectively. . and they’re IP67-rated for water-resistance. Color options currently available include lemon, shadow black, and ice white. . They also have heart rate monitors . The S is also a bit heavier at 45.5 grams, while the E weighs just 41.5 grams. Both offer the latest version of Android Wear with all of Google’s newest features, plus 1.4-inch OLED displays with 287 pixels-per-inch, Bluetooth 4.1 and Wi-Fi connectivity . Ticwatch E (which stands for “Express”) is slightly more affordable, with its GPS is built into its body and replaceable straps. . Ticwatch S (which stands for “Sport”) is the more expensive model, with its GPS antenna build into its fixed strap for better tracking. . both of which give you pretty much everything you get from an Apple Watch for around a third of the price. They’re almost identical, but there is one subtle difference. . Ticwatch E and Ticwatch S . For that, you get a simple and colorful design, GPS tracking, heart rate monitoring, and Android Wear 2.0. . Apple Watch has a new rival, and it’s one that Apple should be worried about. That’s not because the new Ticwatch is better, but because it’s ultra-affordable at under $100. . Why Apple Watch should be worried about its latest rival

Why Apple Watch should be worried about its latest rival

It could also be associated with smart windshields with augmented reality . Apple's Israeli teams also associates computer vision with a 3D depth camera that could be associated with a projection system or one that could interpret hand gesturing. . From the perspective of engineering, it seeks to automate tasks that the human visual system can do. One application that Wiki lists relates to autonomous vehicles. . Apple provides an overview of a single device (see FIG. 10) towards the end of the patent that is quite generic. The device includes a unique "computer vision" sensor . Apple notes that "as light ray #507 enters the resin from air, light ray #508 forms and bends in accordance with Snell's Law. Notably, however, the light ray can travel in a relatively straight path as the light ray travels through two or more glass fiber . Glass fibers are one of the most common fibers employed to reinforce composites, which has led to the common term of "fiberglass" used to describe such composites. However, ceramic fibers can also be used to reinforce resins in a similar manner. . Apple's advanced Transparent Fiber Composite that could be used with an automotive application or perhaps wearable devices. . The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of 57 newly granted patents for Apple Inc.

Apple Granted 57 Patents Today Covering an Advanced Transparent Fiber Composite, an iMac Design and More - Patently Apple

Louis Vuitton's website didn't list prices, but The New York Times said they range from $2,450 to $2,900. . Like all Android Wear smartwatches, the Louis Vuitton Tamour Horizon series is capable of providing alerts from your smartphone, such as incoming text messages and phone calls, and can help track of the number of steps you take each day. Thousands of watc . Each Louis Vuitton watch features a watchface with the company's branding, as well as premium metals and wrist straps — some of which employ Louis Vuitton's distinct leather patterns. . of "Tamour Horizon" smartwatches that run on Google's Android Wear software. . Louis Vuitton just launched a $2,900 smartwatch running Google software

Louis Vuitton smartwatch costs $2,900

Apple appears to have fixed the issue with its newer Series 1 and Series 2 models, perhaps by using a stronger adhesive. . Apple advises customers inquiring about a refund for a previous Apple Watch back cover repair to contact Apple Support. . can call an Apple Store and schedule a Genius Bar appointment, or visit an Apple Authorized Service Provider, to initiate the repair process. Or, customers can call Apple Support to arrange shipment of the damaged Apple Watch to an Apple Repair Center in . The service policy has been in effect since last year and applies to any first-generation Apple Watch, including Sport, Edition, and Hermès models, even if the device's limited one-year warranty or extended AppleCare coverage has elapsed. . Apple recently extended the service policy's coverage period to up to three years after the original purchase date. If you bought an Apple Watch in April 2015, for example, it is eligible for a free repair until April 2018. . If you have a first-generation Apple Watch with a separated back cover, Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider will repair it free of charge, according to an internal service policy obtained by MacRumors. . Apple Extends Free Repairs of First-Generation Apple Watches With Detached Back Covers

Apple Extends Free Repairs of First-Generation Apple Watches With Detached Back Covers - Mac Rumors

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