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end of the decade the state’s population was 380,000. . $45 million per year by 1857. . 1852, when some $81 million was pulled from the ground . hydraulic mining, developed in 1853, brought enormous profits but destroyed much of the region’s landscape. . sharply decreased from what it had been in 1848 . After 1850, the surface gold in California largely disappeared . y . California applied to enter the Union with a constitution preventing slaver . 1849 . 31st state . San Francisco, for its part, developed a bustling economy and became the central metropolis of the new frontier. . 1848 . 20,000 at the end of 1848 and around 800 in March . non-native population of California was estimated at . 100,000 . 1849 . 9, . As Polk wrote, “The accounts of abundance of gold are of such an extraordinary character as would scarcely command belief were they not corroborated by the authentic reports of officers in the public service.” . three-quarters of the male population of San Francisco had left town for the gold mines, and the number of miners in the area reached 4,000 by August. . keep news of the discovery under wraps . of 6,500 Californios (people of Spanish or Mexican decent); 700 foreigners (primarily Americans); and 150,000 Native Americans

The Gold Rush of 1849 - Facts & Summary - HISTORY.com

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挙がっている[6][7]。リーリンが全く欠如すると脳回欠損を引き起こす。また、アルツハイマー病や側頭葉てんかん、自閉症等にも関わっていると言われている。 . リーリンは成体においても

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Music, dance and the total art work: choreomusicology in theory and practice: Research in Dance Education: Vol 13, No 1

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However, once the incident has been resolved, users can select "Stop Sharing" within the SOS notification


They were also sent a link to my location and then they received another text message when I was moved to the hospital with the location . I had to call 911, but my phone was thrown far out of reach. . I actually think my phone hit me in the face because my nose is really sore . Not only was Bennett able to call for paramedics, but his emergency contacts were also notified. . I know eventually someone would call for help, but if I didn’t have 911 to speak to after the accident, the six minutes it took paramedics to show up would have felt like six hours. . However, he remembered the Apple Watch included the SOS Emergency feature – he held the side button down and contacted 911 for help, who were on the scene in six minutes. . Casey Bennett, from Laytonsville, Maryland, was driving home from school the night of April 6 when he was struck by another vehicle – sending him and his Jeep Patriot flying through the air. . SOS feature saves Apple Watch wearer after car flips over THREE times following a T-bone collision

SOS feature saves Apple Watch wearer during a car accident | Daily Mail Online

Jobs envisioned wearable devices, like smartwatches, being used to monitor important vitals, such as oxygen levels, heart rate and blood glucose. . Such an initiative was first imagined by Steve Jobs and Apple has been working on it for five years. Jobs imagined the solution being integrated into a wearable device, such as the Apple Watch. . Accurately detecting glucose levels has been such a challenge that one of the top experts in the space, John L. Smith, described it as “the most difficult technical challenge I have encountered in my career.” . One of the sources explained that Apple is developing optical sensors, which work by shining a light through the skin to measure glucose levels. To accurately be able to measure glucose levels would be a huge breakthrough for Apple and the medical indust . far enough along in it testing that it has been conducting feasibility trials: . The initiative sees Apple working on developing sensors that can constantly monitor blood sugar levels to better treat diabetes. . The report, citing three people familiar with the matter, explains that Apple has hired a “small team” of biomedical engineers to work on the initiative. The team is said to be based out of an unmarked, nondescript office in Palo Alto, California. . According to a new report from CNBC, Apple has a secret team currently working on developing a solution for treating diabetes that would be seen as the “holy grail” for the condition… . Report: Apple has secret team working on ‘breakthrough’ diabetes treatment w/ Apple Watch

Report: Apple has secret team working on ‘breakthrough’ diabetes treatment w/ Apple Watch | 9to5Mac

It sounds like Spotify had a solid legal case to shutdown Spotty, but the streaming service must have been impressed with Chang’s app that it decided to make it the official Apple Watch companion.  . Originally, Snowy was called Spotty, and this raised some red flags for Spotify. According to Chang, Spotify’s legal representatives contacted him shortly before the app was set to be released and “expressed some concerns” over the branding and the . The developer did not reveal which Snowy features would be adopted by the official Spotify Apple Watch app, nor did he specify a release date. . developer Andrew Chang announced that he’s “working closely” with Spotify to make Snowy the official Spotify companion app for Apple Watch. . It seems there’s no longer any bad blood between Spotify and a third-party app developer that intended to bring the streaming service to Apple Watch. . itor to develop its official Apple Watch app . Spotify enlists third-party compet

Spotify enlists third-party competitor to develop its official Apple Watch app | Macworld

Apple explores the use of Titanium, Titanium Alloys and Hybrid Plastics for Future Devices

Apple explores the use of Titanium, Titanium Alloys and Hybrid Plastics for Future Devices - Patently Apple

Some 40,000 employees took part in the initiative, the report said, though how many shirts and pins Apple passed out is unclear. . Welcome to the winner's circle. You did it. You completed the Close the Rings Challenge, and this badge is proof. Wear it, display it, or place it on your fridge. Let it be a reminder that even though the Challenge is over, your healthier lifestyle is j . workers are receiving gold, silver and bronze pins designed to mimic in-app badges available in the Apple Watch Activities app. Apple is also giving away a black tee emblazoned with the familiar red, green and blue Apple Watch activity rings on the front . Similar to Apple's Thanksgiving activity challenge, the employee-only event tracked user fitness metrics via Apple Watch during a preset time period. Participants who completed daily stand, movement and exercise goals, or "closed the rings," for each day . Apple in February invited employees to take part in an internal "Close the Rings" challenge that awarded participants with a T-shirt and special achievement pins. . Apple invites employees to 'Close the Rings' in Apple Watch fitness challenge

Apple invites employees to 'Close the Rings' in Apple Watch fitness challenge

The bands retail for $18 individually, or $39 (USD) for a three-pack . In the future, ToneBands hopes to expand into offering a wider variety of colors and styles, and to expand into other colored pins as well. . We started ToneBands because we were both bugged by the same little thing. We both had black (or what Apple calls "Space Gray") Apple Watches but every band sold, either by Apple or third parties, had a silver latching pin. We couldn't find any bands with . The initial line of ToneBands comes in three colors: white, gray and lavender. All three colors come with black latching pins to match Space Gray / Space Black watches. . providing bands with black latching pins rather than the silver pins available on other bands. . unique line of sport-style silicone bands for the Apple Watch. . ToneBands

ToneBands Launches: A Unique Line of Apple Watch Bands prMac

Swatch also somehow managed to trademark ‘One more thing,’ with Apple’s attempt to block this unsuccessful. . Swatch successfully blocked Apple from using the iWatch name for what became the Apple Watch, arguing that it was too similar to iSwatch, which the company had earlier trademarked. Apple had apparently intended to use iWatch branding for its wearable, . The court would need to be persuaded that the ‘Tick different’ wording was associated with Apple by more than 50% of the Swiss population. Swatch argues that the reference is instead to its 80s slogan ‘Always different, always new.’ . Apple first attempted to block Swatch’s use of the ‘Tick different’ slogan by filing a complaint with the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property, which refused to block it. Apple has now gone to court, but reportedly faces a tough test fo . ‘Think different’ is arguably one of the most famous ad slogans in history, used by Apple from 1997 to 2002. It emerged from the one-minute ‘Crazy Ones’ commercial . Apple is taking Swatch to court after the Swiss watchmaker used the slogan ‘Tick different’ to promote its NFC-enabled watch. Apple is arguing that the slogan unfairly trades on its own ‘Think different‘ campaign, while Swatch claims that the refe . Apple takes Swatch to court over its use of ‘Tick Different’ slogan for NFC-enabled watch

Apple takes Swatch to court over its use of ‘Tick Different’ slogan for NFC-enabled watch | 9to5Mac

With the rumored inclusion of inductive wireless charging with the iPhone 8, it makes sense too. . The patent application also details the possibility of a waterproof case design. This could hint at future AirPods themselves that are waterproof: . Apple’s notes in the text of the patent application, however, that the inductive pad could be used to provide “wireless” charging to other devices. As usual, the patent application is overly broad, but it does list some interesting devices: . as an Apple Watch charger with an inductive pad on the back of the case. . The patent application depicts the AirPods charging case doubling as a charger for a variety of products, including the Apple Watch, MacBook, iPhone, and iPad . Apple patent application hints at waterproof AirPods case capable of charging iPhone, Apple Watch

Apple patent application hints at waterproof AirPods case capable of charging iPhone, Apple Watch | 9to5Mac

Apple’s watchOS is designed with checks and balances to make sure the software is working right, so you might have to reapply the Hermès or Nike+ watch faces that you enable on your unsupported Apple Watch in this way from time to time. This can happen . the numerals at the edges of the screen that help you to tell the time are missing from the Nike watch face (boxes are displayed in their place on the Hermès face), and some other minor imperfections are noticeable as well: . While the unsupported watch faces are fully operational, the Hermès and Nike faces aren’t quite complete just yet. . You can select the face you want to use, whether you opt for the Hermès or Nike+ option, or a stock option. They’re enabled in the same way you would enable any other watch face – by dragging them into the order you want. Once applied, it gets pushed
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