Political parties did not yet gain real power due to the lack of unity among their members. . Catching up on the military sector was, of course, a high priority for Japan in an era of European and American imperialism. . nationalistic feelings took place: principles of Confucianism and Shinto including the worship of the emperor were increasingly emphasized and taught at educational institutions. . order to stabilize the new government, the former feudal lords (daimyo) had to return all their lands to the empero . social classes of Tokugawa Japan were gradually broken down . aimed to make Japan a democratic state . forced to sign unequal treaties with Western powers. . o the hands of a small group of nobles and former samurai. . transferred from the Tokugawa Bakufu int . actual political power was

Japanese history: Meiji Period

Yukio Mishima: The Man and the Mythology | New Dawn : The World's Most Unusual Magazine

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Science fiction is the act of understanding the universe and the human condition through the framework of story.


We live in a civilization shaped by science and technology. . In this way science fiction is a very hopeful art form in that it either shows us how we can make the world a better place or how we can make it worse as a caution not to. . He speaks about Rachael, a replicant implanted with fake memories so that she remembers a childhood she never had and therefore believes she is human.  Harrison Ford’s character Deckard is a Blade Runner, a police officer tasked with hunting and killin . In Ridley Scott’s film Blade Runner, based on the Philip K. Dick novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, replicants are artificial humans born as adults and engineered to perform dangerous labor in outer space.  To prevent them from becoming a thre

Science Fiction and the Human Condition | Cobalt Review


"To understand the instability of definitions of who is truly human, we need history

What It Means to Be Human by Joanna Bourke - review | Books | The Guardian

risonanza magnetica funzionale . il perdono affonda le proprie radici nel cervello e che si configura come un processo cognitivo articolato che può consentire all’individuo di superare stati emotivi negativi tramite la rivalutazione in termini positivi di un evento».

Ecco perché perdonare ci fa stare meglio - Corriere.it

Disturbo di disregolazione dirompente dell’umore . Disturbo neurocognitivo lieve . Depressione maggiore . un’indebita diffusione di trattamenti psicofarmacologici. . contrazione degli spazi di libera espressione di sé . DSM-5 . eccessiva medicalizzazione della società

I pregi e i limiti dell’ultima «bibbia» degli psichiatri - Corriere.it

ont à nouveau man . Ouvriers, agriculteurs et petits patrons ont à nouveau manifesté pour défendre l’emploi en Bretagne et dénonce . Ouvriers, agriculteurs et petits pat

Toute l'actualité en direct - photos et vidéos avec Libération - Libération

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I will showcase some websites and applications made with the new markup language, so you can see how much you can actually do with it . From video to geolocation, local storage and microdata annotations, HTML5 is something we need to start using . you do not need to forget everything about the previous version . only remember that now you need to build upon the coding skills you already have . rem . browsers do not offer support for them anymore . following tags from HTML 4.01 are now removed from HTML5 . long encoding declarations can simply be written in this way: . r . ally makes some sense. Or, at least, this time it is much simpler than before and it is very easy for us to remember and we won’t have to search fo

P2X4R+ microglia drive neuropathic pain : Nature Neuroscience : Nature Publishing Group

new HTML5 tags do not always work as the ones before. For example, the header and footer tags will not only mark the start and the end of a page, but also the start and the end of each section you have. This means that these two tags are likely to be u . allows drawing graphics via scripting (mostly JavaScript, but some others can be employed as well) . defines a container for interactive content (plugin) or external application . It works pretty much like a div which separates different sections . you won’t need to manually name IDs for headers and footers, as now you have a pre-defined tag for them . the aside tag marks content aside from the page content, which for example could be a lateral sidebar . many syntaxes are now deprecated and soon to be kicked out through the back door . HTML5 is the successor of HTML 4.01, released for the first time in 1999. The internet has changed significantly since 1999 and it seemed like the creation of HTML5 was necessary . with the W3C adding more and more impressive features, therefore it seems quite unlikely that HTML5′s development will end soon, which is not necessarily a bad thing . s . HTML5 Introduction – What is HTML5 Capable of, Features, and Resources . Today all major browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, IE) offer HTML5 support . but the support in different browsers was still poor . HTML5 is the newest hyper text markup language for websites from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The first draft was made public in 2008, but not much happened until 2011

HTML5 Introduction - What is HTML5 Capable of, Features, and Resources

HTML5 is not yet an official standard, and no browsers have full HTML5 support . continue to add new HTML5 features to their latest versions . major browsers . . canvas> element for 2D drawing . new features . development process should be visible to the public . Scripting has to be replaced by more markup . need for external plugins (like Flash) needs to be reduced . New features should be based on HTML, CSS, DOM, and JavaScript . rules for HTML5 . L . WHATWG was working with web forms and applications, and W3C was working with XHTML 2.0. In 2006, they decided to cooperate and create a new version of HTM

HTML5 Introduction

Introduction to XHTML

. element for 2D drawing . new features . development process should be visible to the public . Scripting has to be replaced by more markup . The need for external plugins (like Flash) needs to be reduced . New features should be based on HTML, CSS, DOM, and JavaScriptQuesta implementazione richiede che l'intero contenuto di un documento venga analizzato e salvato in memoria . Per le applicazioni basate su XML che usano un processo di lettura e scrittura per analisi, DOM presenta un grande spreco di memoria; per questo tipo di applicazioni si consiglia di usare il modello SAX. . permette di visualizzare un documento ben formato sotto forma di albero . è un modo per accedere e aggiornare dinamicamente il contenuto, la struttura e lo stile dei documenti
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