replaces 5 million-square-feet of asphalt and concrete with grassy fields and over 9,000 native and drought-resistant trees, and is powered by 100 percent renewable energy. With 17 megawatts of rooftop solar, Apple Park will run one of the largest on-site . Apple Park will also include a visitors center with an Apple Store® and cafe open to the public, a 100,000-square-foot fitness center for Apple employees, secure research and development facilities and the Steve Jobs Theater. The parklands offer two mile . We've achieved one of the most energy efficient buildings in the world and the campus will run entirely on renewable energy.” . “Steve’s vision for Apple stretched far beyond his time with us. He intended Apple Park to be the home of innovation for generations to come,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. . Opening later this year, the entrance to the 1,000-seat auditorium is a 20-foot-tall glass cylinder, 165 feet in diameter, supporting a metallic carbon-fiber roof. The Steve Jobs Theater is situated atop a hill — one of the highest points within Apple P . To honor his memory and his enduring influence on Apple and the world, the theater at Apple Park will be named the Steve Jobs Theater. . Steve would have turned 62 this Friday, February 2 . The campus’ ring-shaped, 2.8 million-square-foot main building is clad entirely in the world’s largest panels of curved glass. . The process of moving more than 12,000 people will take over six months, and construction of the buildings and parklands is scheduled to continue through the summer. . Apple® today announced that Apple Park, the company’s new 175-acre campus, will be ready for employees to begin occupying in April. . Apple Park Opens to Employees in April

Apple Park Opens to Employees in April

“I do understand that these things sometimes happen but if anyone has had anything similar happen to them, take it in and get it seen to.” . “I’ve been a welder for 15 years and not had a burn as bad, but as soon as I get an Apple Watch this happens! . “I got home and decided to have a look online to see if anyone else had been in the same situation as me and there were a few, but with the older models.” . “They sent it away to be looked at further and suspect it may be something to do with the battery. . He said the Apple team decided to send the gadget away for further testing as it was not turning but was heating up when it was plugged in. . “When we arrived at the store I literally lifted up my sleeve and they seen me right away, by this point the blister was so much worse.” . He took the watch to the Apple store in Braehead yesterday (Sunday) as it was no longer powering up but was still getting hot. . “I took it off right away and I had this red mark on my arm. It wasn’t too bad but by this point the watch was far too hot to touch.” . “I continued to just potter about the house, do some house work and it was only later on when I was brushing my teeth that I felt this sharp burning pain on my wrist. . “I never really thought much about it to be honest and thought maybe it was just a one-off glitch. . John said: “I had no issues with the watch until Saturday morning when my phone rang but the screen never lit up. . John Dryden purchased the £399 series 2 Apple Watch only six weeks ago and all seemed fine until Saturday when he felt a sharp pain on his wrist. . Welder says Apple Watch overheated and left him with a blister worse than any work injury

Welder says Apple Watch overheated and left him with a blister worse than any work injury - Daily Record

to systems and methods that enable Apple Watch to be wirelessly charge in more than one position. . Granted Patent:

Apple Wins 58 Patents Today Covering a Next-Gen iPhone Dock, Apple Watch Charging Dock, iPad Pro Smart Keyboard & more - Patently Apple

I love strava and the social network they've created but as for now, the Apple watch cannot replace a Garmin for a serious runner. In time I believe it will be the best option but that is many months out. It's sad to see that it has taken so long for any . said the company saw this as just a "first step" in its plans for supporting the Apple Watch 2. . Strava . se Strava on their wrist and leave their iPhone at home. . as been updated with support for the Apple Watch Series 2, enabling runners to u . Popular running app Strava

Strava Launches Apple Watch App With GPS Support For Series 2 Owners - Mac Rumors

Apple is also introducing SiriKit to Apple Watch with watchOS 3.2 beta. . Apple is rolling out the third watchOS 3.2 beta for developer testing on Apple Watch. watchOS 3.2 beta includes Theater Mode which disables raise-to-wake and mutes alerts. . Apple releases watchOS 3.2 beta 3 for Apple Watch

Apple releases watchOS 3.2 beta 3 for Apple Watch | 9to5Mac

Apple Watch 3 Release Date & Specs: Arriving With New Glass & LTE, Says Report

Glass-film technology uses two display structures, a thin glass on top of the touch screen and the a heavy duty film laminate. The surface of a glass-film panel is even more resistant to scratches, high temperatures, and is easier to clean.

Apple Watch Series 3 with glass-film touch display to ship in second half of 2017

So difficult, in fact, that one of Apple’s biggest manufacturing partners, TPK Holding, lost money on TOL panel production last year. . Apple has been using TOL panels for less than a year; they replaced the “glass-on-glass” displays that were utilized in the original Apple Watch. However, the curved cover glass Apple uses for its wearables makes manufacturing TOL panels more difficul . Not only are TOL displays more expensive than alternate solutions, but Apple’s manufacturing partners are struggling to produce enough to meet demand. Apple is instead expected to switch to “glass-film” displays for its next model.

Apple Watch Series 3 to adopt new display technology

a focus on improved battery life which could be needed for cellular connectivity, sleep tracking, or even an always-on display solution. . The reports mention shipments of the new displays will happen in the latter half of this year, which follows earlier reporting from the supply chain that claimed Apple Watch Series 3 will launch in the third quarter of 2017. . Apple will adopt G/F (glass-film) touch solution in place of TOL for new Apple Watch and have Taiwan-based General Interface Solution or Hong Kong-based Biel Crystal Manufactory produce the G/F touch panels, with shipments to begin in the second half of 2 . In order to return to profitability, TPK will focus on 3D sensor-based touch panels for smartphones with OLED displays in 2017 and give up production of touch panels for Apple Watch, . Apple is . planning to switch from touch on lens touch panels that use two pieces of glass to a glass-film touch solution from another firm . TPK Holding has struggled to profitably produce enough of the displays used by Apple Watch so far (which could also explain inventory constraints). .  Digitimes points to industry sources in claiming the Apple Watch Series 3 will use a different display technology with shipments starting in the second half of this year. . New Apple Watch Series 3 switching to glass-film touch display, shipping later this year

Report: New Apple Watch Series 3 switching to glass-film touch display, shipping later this year | 9to5Mac

Finalmente llegamos al motivo que parece más evidente e inmediato para la subida del precio de Bitcoin: la próxima decisión de la Comisión Nacional del Mercados de Valores de Estados Unidos (SEC, por sus siglas en inglés) para aceptar o no la posibil . a en su aniversario número ocho habíamos comentado que era muy probable que Bitcoin superara su máximo precio hist

5 Razones para que el precio de Bitcoin superara su máximo histórico | CriptoNoticias - Bitcoin, Blockchain y criptomonedas

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