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The superintendent passed everyone of those 2.5 million bucks to Chief of Staff Jeff Moquin, telling Bartleman that Moquin is responsible for finding what happened to the money. . Bartleman: “As the CEO of the sixth largest school district in the nation with an over $2 billion budget, how do you not have internal controls to find the budget is overspent by $2.5 million?” . administrators still don’t know where the money went. . The trip came one day after Tuesday’s School Board workshop when it was disclosed that the school police department is $2.5 million in the hole for this fiscal year. Only $50,000 remains in its budget. . Those 10 went along for the ride. And the free food. And the free drinks. And the free everything else. . In . stead, Runcie hightailed it to St. Petersburg for a junket . I . What did Broward School Superintendent Robert Runcie do after announcing this week that he can’t find $2.5 million missing from the school police budget?

Broward School Superintendent Robert Runcie Ducks Blame For “Lost” $2.5 Million, Then Takes Junket - BrowardBeat.com | Politics, News & Views by Buddy Nevins

Leadership Profile: Robert Runcie | Scholastic.com

Duncan, gave Runcie his entry into education, tapping him in 2003 to join his management team as chief information officer. . Runcie has several connections to the Obama Administration. His former boss in Chicago is Arne Duncan, the current U.S. Secretary of Education. In Chicago, the school district must answer to the office of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who was the previous chief . The Broward School Board selected Robert Runcie, chief of staff to the Chicago Board of Education, as the district’s new superintendent . A businessman turned educator with strong ties to the Obama administration is Broward’s new schools chief.

Robert Runcie the new Broward superintendent | Naked Politics

Could this be due to the fact that they are both Harvard graduates and hail from the great city of Chicago, Illinois?

Superintendent Robert Runcie and President Barack Obama: Two Peas in a Pod? - The Westside GazetteThe Westside Gazette

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